Brazilian Meat Distributors Introduce New Company Training Certifications

Train the Trainer workshops Efficiency is always of the utmost concern for corporations across the globe. If a company cannot keep itself efficient, it cannot deliver the best product to its customers.

And if a company isn’t delivering the best possible product to its customers, it gets run out of business.

The meat production and distribution business is no different, of course. They have they same concerns about quality and care that any other business does—if not more.

Companies Improve Turnover Rate with Train the Trainer Programs

The train the trainer system is very popular in the United States corporate world, but it hasn’t yet broken into the mainstream in the Brazilian business world.

This, however, is all about to change.

Many of Brazils largest companies are adopting the training certification program that has improved the operating speed of thousands of American companies, and they are seeing some amazing results.

The biggest improvement that companies are seeing across the board is a steep reduction in the overall turnover rate. It turns out that if employees have proper training and the ability to take train the trainer certification courses, they are much more likely to stay at their job and get along with their employees.

The program has been such a success that the Brazilian meat industry has almost universally adopted it, stating that is saves them millions of dollars each year in employee retraining from low retention rates.

If you aren’t sure exactly how such a simple idea could lead to such a drastic change, let’s take a little bit closer of a look.

The train the trainer system is designed to educate employees on the optimal ways for communication with one another. This can mean from anything to daily communication on work projects to facilitating an office wide meeting to conflict resolution between to differing parties.

The essential basics of the program is to give each and every employee the tools that he or she needs communicate in an effective way with each other, so the company wide workflow can be optimized. If the entire organization is communicating better, then company morale will increase and this will lead to a great level of efficiency and a lower level of turnover.

Training the Trainers and Meat Processing

Now, why is the Brazilian meat industry one of the first major industries to pick up this new training method? The short answer is because their business model lends itself particularly well to it.

If you look a little deeper, you can see why. Meat processing runs on a very tight schedule. Things need be shipped at incredible exact times, they need to kept at specific temperatures, and everything needs to run on schedule.

This leaves little room for error and requires a huge level of communication between the butchers, the processors, the packaging department, the distribution, and the retail outlets.

Just think about all of those different variables. Making sure that employees can communicate better and more efficiently is paramount in something so complicated.

It’s not wonder that they picked up the training program. Hopefully other businesses in Brazil will soon follow suit.